Stocking, Pantyhose and High Heels Models


Introducing myself
Well, first let me introduce myself, I am Kate Donovan and since 2000 I have been a 1940’s/1950’s retro styled pinup model showcasing my photos on a website I designed and operate all by myself called Kate’s Pinups. I started my website 9 years ago and after a recent break from modelling while relocating to the UK I am now back at it and going behind the scenes taking pinup photos and burlesque videos of my favorite UK girls as well!

Donovan’s Darlings
So my website will now showcase new pinup, tease and burlesque girls to go along with my personal pinup photos and videos! As the website is no longer just my personal pinups I have decided to change the name of my site name to “Donovan’s Darlings featuring Kate’s Pinups!”.

My darlings are affectionately called the DDs which is short for Kate Donovan’s Darlings! DD was my Grampa Donovan’s nickname for my Grandmother, she was his #1 DD, and I was his little darling as well, so now I get to follow in my Grampa’s foot steps and have a bunch of DDs all of my own! Cute eh? ;-)

As for my photography and modelling I started out as a complete amateur and trained up my own photographers and now I am training up myself too! My motto is “You don’t have to be a perfect person, but you do need to do the very best with what you’ve been given”.

Erotic retro pinup
As such I intend to provide you with the most beautifully erotic, retro pinup style modelling and photography I can without ever being crude and/or lewd. I do enjoy showing off legs and feet, either bare or adorned with FF stockings, fishnets or high heels! Corsets, waist cinchers, girdles and garter belts are just some of the foundations that I love to tease you all with! Not to mention I enjoy nipple tassles, opera gloves and flirting with a little up-skirt play!

But aside from all those things I love to have fun communicating with you through my pictures. Whether I am featuring the vampy vixen or the cutesy girl next door you can bet you’ll always get tons of eye contact and even a smile! My DDs and I are quite flirtatious and enjoy every aspect of the classic pinup, tease and burlesque styles showcased on this website!

Capturing images in the style of the past
My goal is to recapture the innocence and art of erotica. I believe erotica doesn’t have to be vulgar, distasteful or unimaginative. The old school pinups of the 1940’s and 1950’s are the guideposts by which I judge my efforts. My admiration for the classic pinup goes much deeper than just looking at pretty pictures. There is just something about the “art of being a woman” that is so perfectly projected by this genre. Ladies were still complete in their figures and character. Whether the innocent look of shock, the demure enjoyment of seeing a pleased eye or the happiness of the moment, I praise the artists and models of a time gone by and those that keep it alive today.

It is my desire that you would share this site openly with that special person in your life. If you’re looking for something new (albeit a little old fashioned) then feel free to come on in, pour yourself a nice drink, put your feet up and enjoy!!!

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