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  • Eve is wearing a black and red design pantyhose, a jacket and a hat! See her posing sexy in her boots design pantyhose with super high heels! Her pantyhosed ass will tease you and her legs are looking so gorgeous!

  • One of my rare Wolford Fatal Neon with a vinyl mini skirt and my 7 ” leather high heels pumps. Very good choice Paul as shiny black vinyl and the supershiny Wolford Fatal Neon are a very hot and sexy combination. It’s so exciting to feel that on my skin and as you will see […]

  • Dot Stockings and the black corset do look so sexy on Eve. Get teased by her sexy posings and the long legs! That hot full butt Eve is showing should turn your fantasy on what you would like to do with her!  

The name Charis means ‘kindness’, but that’s a bit too tame for the fun-loving Charis Boyle, our Miss February 2003. Blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Charis is a native of Virginia, and she was vice president of Primacy Companies, managing nightclubs all over the East Coast, when she became a Playmate. “I’ll try anything twice,” she says. “I’m not one to plan ahead. I take opportunities as they come!” Posing for Playboy was […]

Charis Boyle is our kind of woman. And it's not only because she has looks that would make a rose sigh. Nor is it because she's as successful as she is beautiful (she's a partner in three nightclubs, with a fourth on the way). No, she's our kind of woman because of her motto-"I love doing or trying anything at least twice!" Couple that motto with a story she told […]

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