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  • Dot Stockings and the black corset do look so sexy on Eve. Get teased by her sexy posings and the long legs! That hot full butt Eve is showing should turn your fantasy on what you would like to do with her!  

  • VanillaSun and Eve are dressed up for a sixties afternoon pool party. Before the two girls are leaving, they enjoy themselves in Eve's garden to get in the right move for the party with some friends. See the two wearing some sexy lilax and pink stockings and matching pvc boots!

  • Eve wearing a green satin blouse which is teasing already all day my nipples. Finally Eve is home and enjoying her evening off but even more enjoying herself in that light green pantyhose.  

British Vintage Slut Shay Hendrix in her fully fashioned nylons and demure frock

Seductress Shay dressed in frilly sheer gown and vintage corselette!.

Shay in her fully fashioned stockings and demure frock.

Seductress Shay in frilly, sheer gown, vintage corselette and RHT hose.  

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Sexy Shay tempting you with her charms in tan ff stockings!  

Sexy Shay tempting in tan ff hose on her shapely gams!.

Curvy Shay in glossy top RHT hose and black sheer panties!.  

Curvy Shay in glossy topped RHTs and sheer black panties!.

Categories: FFStockings, Shay Hendrix

Sexy Shay in purple nylon slip and sheer black ff stockings!.

Sexy Shay in purple nylon slip and sheer black ff hose!.

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